Beneath the City of Thralls: Introduction

            Kranston, the City of Thralls.  Ruled for the past few decades by the self-appointed Autocrat1, she is one of the largest and oldest cities in all the land.  Nearly a millennia ago when the great city was still in it's youth, she was watched over by one of the greatest keeps in the realm, Bellicose Keep.  That was back when keeps were necessary, though, as there was always the threat of the Horde invading.

            But around 600 years ago, the Horde finally found a weakness in the Keep that had been impervious to all prior attacks!  Deep in her bowels, in the dungeons under the keep where warriors were trained in the art of subterranean warfare, a portal was opened to the Dungeon Dimension, and the evil monsters swarmed the Keep.  Bellicose was destroyed from the inside out!  A few valiant men escaped, returning a few days later with an enchantment to seal the portal.

            The remaining Hordelings terrorized Kranston and nearly burned it to the ground before enough soldiers had gathered to defend it.  It took nearly two score years for the armies to kill off what remained of the Horde.  Bellicose had become useless as a refuge for the monsters without the portal to provide reinforcements.  By the time the wars had ended, Bellicose was nothing more than worthless ruins. 

            It took Kranston nearly 100 years to build back up to the thriving port city it once was.  And with the threat of the Horde now past, Bellicose was left in ruins.  Deserted and nearly forgotten the Keep has become little more than a conversation piece for travelers, and a landmark whereon to paint a declaration of undying love, or simply carve into her walls, "Olryk Balladciter was here!"

            Unfortunately, just because there isn’t a Horde to burn her to the ground, doesn't mean that Kranston is not without her troubles.  As eight unsuspecting adventurers will shortly find out, there's more peril to their quest than meets the eye when they try to get to the bottom of some illegal slave trade happening in, or rather “under”, the city.

Meet The Heroes


1 Kranston boasts a very progressive form of democracy.  One Man, One Vote; so the saying goes.  The Autocrat is the man, and he gets the vote.  Everyone in the city is more than happy with this arrangement, however, seeing as the city has never been run nearly as well by anyone else in her recent history.


Beneath the City of Thralls